Growing Up in Albany

I love Albany, Oregon. I was born and raised here. After a 10 year trip around the world (from California to Texas to Japan and back), I’ve been living in or near Albany since that time.

Growing up, Albany was very different than it is today.

From a young age, we would ride bikes or walk all over town. We didn’t have Fortnite or even cable TV until 1980. Skateboarding, riding bikes and roller skating were very popular. It was a real treat to get to go to the skating rink (located on Montgomery) on weekends.


Bowling and movies were also fun, and thankfully we still have those options.

We saw new Disney movies and the first Star Wars films as they were released at the Venetian downtown on 1st. The Venetian Theater now houses a church, but you can still go see movies at The Pix. We saw Empire Strikes Back there when it was originally released. Gary and I love date nights there now!

In high school, we “cruised the gut” for fun in Albany.  It was a great place to meet people from other schools or towns.  Young people from many towns in Oregon came to cruise in Albany.

The “gut” was located primarily on 14th between the Bi-Mart and Fred Meyer parking lots. After many attempts by the city, it finally got shut down when they changed the roads and added medians.

Albany has changed so much over the years, but I am so grateful for everything that has come to this once small town. I have seen the additions of so many businesses through the years such as Costco, the mall and the carousel downtown.

Though the town has changed, one thing that hasn’t has the people. Albany still is home to some of the best people I have ever met, and that is why I love living here, and serving you!

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